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What Really Is The Gastric Sleeve?

June 11, 2020 By admin

The layman is easily misled into thinking perhaps that this may have been some kind of protective sleeve that needs to be worn during surgery or post-surgery. In times of need, patients are quickly advised. The gastric sleeve charleston sc in-surgery process is also defined as a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy. For ease of reference, it can simply be referred to as the sleeve. During this intricate procedure, eighty percent of the stomach will be removed.

gastric sleeve charleston sc

And what is left of the stomach will be placed in a tubular pouch. This is easily identifiable in the shape of a banana. Several mechanisms are required for this procedure. In the first place, the new stomach pouch can only hold a much smaller volume than a normal stomach. This helps to reduce the amount of food consumed. This procedure can have an impact on the gut hormones. Results experienced could include hunger, satiety and blood sugar control.

The sleeve has been effective in encouraging necessary weight loss. It has also been known to be successful in the remission of diabetes. The gastric sleeve could be defined as a last resort after all other healthy and reasonable measures to reduce fatty tissue weight has been unsuccessful. Even so, it is still possible for adult men and women to avoid reaching this point in life. Note too that this is not an age-related condition.

Critically, type 2 diabetes has become more common amongst men and women much younger. It has even occurred amongst children. It is clear that much education is required to help men, women and children achieve a state of health and wellness and live longer and happier lives. Perhaps this is rare but there will always be those extreme cases where the gastric sleeve fails.