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Signs of Drug Addiction in Teens

June 11, 2020 By admin

So many parents think it could never happen to them. They look at their teens as the same sweet and innocent baby as they were long ago. This is a protective means for a parent but it only hurts the child in the long run. Reckoning the signs of a drug addiction or problem helps get your child back on the right path to lead a great life now and in the future.

cognitive behavioral therapy st simons ga

What are the signs of drug addiction in teens?

·    Teen dissociates himself with family and friends

·    Group of friends change

·    Behavior changes

·    Teen no longer enjoys the same activities as he once did

·    No longer eats or sleeps, displays other strange behaviors

·    Sleeps more often

·    Sells belongings

·    They have aggressive behaviors and/or mood changes

Signs of addiction vary depending on the drug of choice and the teen. All drugs are dangerous especially for a teen whose brain is still growing. The longer the tee engages in drug use, the worse the problem and the worse the effects biome. Do not assume that you can ‘spot it in their face’ or that you ‘will know’. Do not ignore the signs above and others that suggest that your teen may have a problem.

Make Sure your teen is comfortable enough to talk to you about problems. Having an open relationship with your teens can save a lot of headache and problems, especially in this type of situation.

There are many ways to help a teen who is battling drug addiction. Therapy, such as cognitive behavioral therapy st simons ga, is one of the best ways to give them the paper hand in an addiction scenario in patient rehab also helps many people battling addictions to drugs, although outpatient therapy can help many teens.